This Jigsaw Puzzle game requires that your browser supports the HTML5 <canvas> element. See Wikipedia for information on which browsers support the HTML5 <canvas> technology. Google code offers ExplorerCanvas to bring the functionality of the <canvas> tag to Internet Explorer, unfortunately, complex clipping regions are not supported, a requirement for this software.

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Puzzle created by asfsfa
Best time: 00:00:23 | Set by: Conundrum | Score table
Average time: 00:00:28.2857
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How to play: Left-click on a piece and drag it to the desired location.
Release the mouse button to drop the element there.

'E' to toggle on/off visibility of non-edge pieces

'Q' to show/hide preview tile

Space bar to show/hide non-composite pieces (pieces made up of two or more atomic pieces)

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